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How We Support

Our Program Support department is made up of three sections.  The collaboration between these sections provides specialised Individual Support Plans that meet the needs of our individuals. The department offers multi-tiered training to all Alvord-Taylor employees and oversight training of all support plans to ensure quality care.


Providing a thorough training experience to sharpen skills and increase the quality of care our individuals receive. 


We have a dedicated team that works to ensure physical, emotional and spiritual well-being at all times.


Analyzing behavior to build a detailed Individual Support Plan (ISP) is important to reaching person-centered support goals.


Explore the training opportunities provided to our staff members. We ensure our staff have the skills necessary to provide quality service.  We also believe knowledge and training can support staff achieve their career goals. Traning is key to our agencies’ success and employee satisfaction.

Alvord-Taylor believes that success starts with knowledge. Each new employee receives a minimum of 60 hours of training. Our training department strives to build a program that encompasses industry standards, while also incorporating additional training we believe is necessary to exceed those standards. We seek to build employees that can confidently utilize the knowledge, tools, and training. We check in regularly with staff to ensure we are maintaining internal standards through competency checks, ongoing professional development, and yearly recertification. Ensuring our staff have the skills necessary to achieve their dreams and provide quality service along the way is key to our agencies’ success.

Included in Our Training Plan


Our agency has a dedicated nursing staff to help guide employees and monitor the health of those in our care. Our nurses play a key role in the high-quality health care of our individuals.  They enable people with complex care needs to live fully with as much physical, emotional, social, and spiritual well-being as possible. They encourage staff to advocate for individuals in their care. This ensures individuals’ medical concerns and needs are met by those in the community. They support our employees and our staff to ensure the quality of care is met at all times. 


A Behavioral Support Specialist is the professional responsible for assessing individuals with behavior support needs, collecting data on the individual, working with staff, family, and other providers to devise a behavior plan for the individual and evaluate the ongoing effectiveness of the plan.

A “Behavior Support Plan” (BSP) is a plan that assists  individuals in building positive behaviors to replace or reduce challenging and/or dangerous behavior. This plan may include teaching improved communication, completing tasks or goals, increasing relationships, and using clinical interventions.

O.I.S. “Oregon Intervention Systems” Is an advanced-based system used to assist designated persons in understanding, preventing, and responding to challenging behavior, through Positive Behavior Support. To work at Alvord-Taylor all staff must be trained in Oregon Intervention Systems to ensure they can handle any situation. 

Individual Support Plans

Each individual has their own medical and support needs. We build and tailor a care plan for each of our individuals. These plans are called Individual Support Plans and they detail the level of support each individual will receive. The plans are created with the involvement of the agency, the individual and their support network. 

The agency works with both the individual and their support network to identify goals, aspirations, and community inclusion involvement. The agency then trains the direct support provider on each individual’s specific needs. 

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