Our Mission and Vision

Behind the scenes and beyond

Our Mission

A vibrant and unified community for all.

Our Vision

Building a community of endless possibilities one person at a time.

Your Dream. Our Mission.

Our Core Values

Here at Alvord-Taylor we seek to build a work culture that gives our employees a sense of a shared commitment to our mission and vision.  We owe it to our individuals to give them the highest care at all times. It is important to us that we build a team that can overcome difficult situations, and trust that they will make decisions based on our core values. 


We include and contribute to those around us


People who enter our lives are treated with dignity and value


We encourage growth and success by providing options and tools


A place where our difference are celebrated


We are not solutions to the people we support, but partners in what they do

Building a Better Community

What We Do

We help people with intellectual and developmental disabilities live to their fullest potential, as independently as possible, and open doors to the broader community. We believe that all people have similar desires in life, and people with intellectual and developmental disabilities are no different. The work we do at Alvord-Taylor and for our individuals can change lives. We seek to reframe what it means to live with disabilities. We actively look for new and creative ways to provide opportunities to those we support and uphold our mission of building a more inclusive, caring, and understanding community for all.

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