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Community Inclusion

We strive to build a community of endless possibilities for our individuals. By encouraging and supporting our individuals to participate in community activities we hope to foster a sense of inclusion. The goal of community inclusions is to increase opportunities to participate in social activities in all areas of their life. 



Importance of Community Inclusion

Historically, individuals who have developmental disabilities were separated from society. Now, it is widely recognised that people with disabilities enrich society by participating.  Everyone brings their own unique skills, background and interests that help contribute to a community. 

By increasing the time individuals spend in the community we seek to increase their sense of belonging. Increasing someone’s sense co community can foster a sense of purpose meaning. 

how we foster community inclusion

Recognize and Encourage Contributions

Recognizing and encouraging community contributions can lead to feelings of appreciation and purpose. Participation in community and social activities gives people a sense of purpose and can motivate them to step outside of their comfort zone.

Provide Additional Opportunities

We encourage and sometimes hold community activities to give our individuals a social event that they can participate in. If you would like to get involved please check out our Circle of Friends events.

Encourage Self-selected Choices

All people should be allowed to make their own choices, no matter what support needs they have.

Overcome Barriers

People with disabilities can often face more than just physical barriers. Some of these barriers include communication, social, transportation, and policy barriers. Our staff advocate for our individuals in every part of their life.

Meet Our Community Partners

Together we can

Our community partnerships are essential to our mission and vision. They provide support to us so that we can build the community our individuals deserve.